Uni solver

This solver has been written in .net v1.1 so you'll need that installed to get this working. Don't ask me how/where you can get it from.

It's pretty rough and ready and not programmed with resources in mind so is kinda memory hungry. Click the grid's squares so that they match your uni grid then press Solve.

The best solution so far is shown in the format R1 C3 etc. R1 means click row 1, C3 means click column 3.

The stats that count up and down are;

Possible: This is the number of possible solutions identified.
Tried: This is the number of identified solutions that have been tested.
Remaining: This is the number of identified solutions still to be checked.

Click the link below to download the app, if you can't get it working, don't understand it etc then don't contact me about it :)

Click to download